declare it a draw

Tuesday, November 16, 2004, at 12:25PM

By Eric Richardson

For my games class we're supposed to be checking out Second Life. I'm really interested in doing that, since it seems to be the closest thing I've seen to Stephenson's metaverse.

I haven't had much luck yet, though. My only working Windows installation is on my laptop, which doesn't really have the horsepower to keep up with a game so intend on doing everything the intensive way.

Last night and today I've messed with trying to get the game to work under wine. I've tried regular wine, winex (err... cedega), and Crossover Office, and none have really done anywhere. On my desktop it liked to black out X and leave it in some funky dead state, while on my laptop it refuses to even get off the ground without 32-bit color, which my graphics driver doesn't want to support.

Computers and I have again reached an impasse. Nothing was gained, but nothing was lost.