movies and food

Tuesday, December 07, 2004, at 05:42PM

By Eric Richardson

I put together a pretty successful little trip this evening. I needed to pick up some food and a pair of DVDs that I was supposed to have watched in class during the semester. So tonight, after finishing up a paper, I made the rounds of and to see what I could do. One of the problems with my neighborhood (and the area around USC, oddly) is a lack of good video rental shops, so anywhere was going to be a bit of a drive. Blockbuster these days allows you to check what stores have what titles, and as luck would have it no one store in my area had both the titles I needed. But I think I did well for myself...

From my apartment I headed west and went 110N -> 101N. Exit Santa Monica, head north a few blocks up Western to Hollywood. At the Blockbuster there I picked up the DVD of Bitter Moon.

From there I headed east on Hollywood, and not far down the street at the three-way intersection of Hollywood, Sunset, and Virgil, I stopped and picked up the DVD for Body Heat. Oddly, these two Blockbusters have different pricing. A week rental is $3.99 at Hollywood/Western, while the same at Sunset/Virgil is like $4.30. Odd. Both get tax added on after.

From there I headed a block or two back west on Sunset, turned south on Vermont, and headed down to the Little Caesar's at Vermont/1st. $6.50 for a large pizza and an order of crazy bread, and I was headed back downtown.

Total trip time: a little under an hour.