The One-Day Look

Wednesday, December 29, 2004, at 08:54AM

By Eric Richardson

So the look I bragged about in my last post lasted less than a day. Luckily I made that screenshot, 'cause that's the last you'll be seeing of it here. I give credit for all the good ideas in this new new design to Max (otherwise known as Rev. Fun). I kept pestering him with design questions last night, and woke up this morning to find a mockup of what he thought my site should look like. His was much better than mine, which is probably why he gets paid for this sort of thing and I don't.

You'll notice that the expand/collapse that reappeared yesterday is gone. In it's place on posts that have a body you'll find a Read More link below. That'll expand the post body in-place...

I intend to use the post body a lot more liberally in the future, to keep the intro length down. You people who read via RSS will see nothing different.

Now I need to go through and apply all the good concepts from here to the rest of the site.

The icons I'm using are from SimpleBits. I bought the Stockholm set. They're well worth the $45.