Yes, It's Water, but Different

Friday, December 31, 2004, at 08:06AM

By Eric Richardson

Every so often I wander the bottom of the LA Blogs blogroll. Though the idea of a blogroll is that the sites at the top are the ones who are updating, the imperfections of the internet mean that those at the top are really just the ones smart enough to ping the appropriate spots when they update. Today I ran across a post from amandarin titled "It pours". She chides LA people for being soft when it comes to rain:

People, it's water. WATER. You carry it around by the designer bucketful, is it really so scary when it's loose? You are not going to be trapped in your home for days on end. No one is going to drown crossing the street. The pilates studios, Whole Foods markets, and tanning salons will all remain open.

How true...

And yet, you do get soft in LA. I grew up in the east. I've lived in South Carolina, New Jersey, and Michigan. All have rain. A couple have snow. But then I came out to LA in August of 2001. It didn't rain for months. And then it did. And all of a sudden, I realized I had gone soft.

My Freshman year I skipped classes when it rained. I didn't go out of the dorms. I ate frozen meals I had stocked in the room. I'm better about that now, but there's still something that's just a little bit different about the rain that falls in LA...