A Month of Fun With Numbers

Tuesday, March 29, 2005, at 06:05PM

By Eric Richardson

So far in the month of March my three main sites (this blog, ericrichardson.com, and blogdowntown have served a combined total of 23,884 pages and used 723.86MB of bandwidth. Not a ton, but I can't hope for too much and still serve the site from my living room ceiling. I'm sure the site could be a little snappier on a better connection, but I haven't noticed any peaked bandwidth spikes. And since everything goes through the server, I still have quality of service things I could do to prevent apartment Internet usage from interfering with the web if it comes to that. For now, though, I'm satisfied.

Update (03/31): With fifteen minutes left in the month, we're up to 25,679 pages and 772.92MB.