Bike Show 2005

Sunday, April 24, 2005, at 11:39AM

By Eric Richardson

I went to the Bike Show yesterday, worried that the hour and a half or so I had until it closed might not be enough time. Well... It was, and then some. Whereas the website claims hundreds of exhibitors, their exhibitor list adds up to only 90 or so. And if there were 90 exhibitors there yesterday, some of them weren't very visible. The marketplace was heavy in some items while pretty empty in others. For instance, it had shoes, but only two models from the same company. I similarly only saw one type of pedals for sale.

I ended up buying pedals from one of the exhibitors, but didn't really get any special deal on them. Now I have to find shoes I like. I'm about to make a stop at REI this afternoon, and if they don't have them there (they have some I like on the web, but I'm not sure what they stock in-store) I'll have to stop by a shop in Pasadena over the next few days.