Disposing of Electronics

Tuesday, May 10, 2005, at 11:28AM

By Eric Richardson

A while ago now I upgraded both Kathy and my computers. Mine I replaced just guts; new CPU, motherboard, memory, etc, but still the same case. Kathy's computer, on the other hand, was in a tiny Dell minitower that had the motherboard connected into the the frame. Seeing as the motherboard was fried and the case wasn't even normal size for a mini motherboard, we ended up buying her a new case and ended up with the old one as junk.

I knew that it was bad to throw computers away thanks to their various heavy metals, but I wasn't exactly sure where you were supposed to take them. As a result, I did nothing, and for a while now the old case has been in the back of her Explorer.

Turns out the City of LA has an E-Waste program, so we just need to take it to one of their collection centers. That's really easy, and it makes me feel pretty dumb for not figuring that out a while ago.