More Bike Fun

Friday, May 13, 2005, at 04:07PM

By Eric Richardson

I'm still on track for the bike miles I mentioned earlier this week. I rode to work and back four times this week (20 miles each; 5 there -- with a train -- and 15 back). Then today I rode home from Hollywood and Highland, which I think is just a touch under eight miles. I'll take a similar ride tomorrow just to keep limber, and then should set me up to be feeling good for Sunday's LA River Ride. All told I should end up with around 150 miles this week.

While I was in Hollywood today I bought an Arkel Tail Rider from Hollywood Pro Bicycles. Very cool shop just a block off the Red Line station, and they carry a wide range of Arkel bags. I've had the Arkel Briefcase for a couple years now, and it's held up perfectly. I got the Tail Rider for those instances where I don't need all the space from the briefcase, just enough to carry tools, my lock, and maybe some snacks and water. Check out the features page -- the rain cover, the vertical shape, and the expandability really sold me. I told Alan Thursday that there was no shopping around -- the Tail Rider was what I wanted. Hollywood Pro Bikes had one, and now I have it. I'm happy.