Update on the Printers

Wednesday, September 07, 2005, at 07:01AM

By Eric Richardson

So basically after I had decided that the ML-2250 was going to be best for Kathy I ended up having to wait until the following day to make the order. And in that time newegg lowered the price of the ML-2010 $20 to $109 (sale still going until 5:30pm tonight). And then there's the $50 mail-in rebate, so really it's a laser printer for $60. That's crazy.

So I bought two.

Well, I ordered one for Kathy, and then because the price was so hard to pass up I decided it was time for me to enter the ranks of those who own printers.

Just to mix things up, though, I ordered one from Amazon and one from newegg, since they both had the same deal going. I figured it to be a little bit of a race to see which would show up first. Neither has shipped yet, but they should today or tomorrow.