Looking at Highway Ramps

Wednesday, March 22, 2006, at 06:41PM

By Eric Richardson

This evening I set out to write a blog post on how different online mapping applications draw highway ramps. It turned into something longer than a normal post, so I've put it on my regular site: Looking at Highway Ramps.

Like I mention in the piece, I think ramps are a really important thing to look at in a map because they're something that's really hard to do right. I know that the code I've been working on recently doesn't solve any of the problems I list, mainly because of the data I'm working with. Always remember: your output will never be any better than your data.

Mostly unrelated: I think this is the first time I've put content on ericrichardson.com in about a year. I would say the web interface of the blog has drawn me in, but the frequency (or lack thereof) of posting here might dispute that.