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Mmmm... GIS Extensions

This may make no sense to you, but just know that it's cool:

houston=# select AsText(the_geom) from buildings where id = 10;

    3118897.96530012 13838758.1691906,
    3118951.74016637 13838841.8891787,
    3118993.06800402 13838848.7768498,
    3119057.74463768 13838808.25588,
    3119076.59247451 13838796.0172187,
    3119025.06695632 13838713.7759229,
    3118980.06661619 13838703.7761855,
    3118897.96530012 13838758.1691906

houston=# select AsText(transform(the_geom,4326)) 
    from buildings where id = 10;

    -95.3738909490995 29.7518641865238,
    -95.3737133770184 29.7520897224611,
    -95.3735825199263 29.7521051310476,
    -95.3733827457042 29.7519882370035,
    -95.3733245703251 29.7519529896557,
    -95.3734949130464 29.7517313269132,
    -95.3736376422065 29.7517076774085,
    -95.3738909490995 29.7518641865238

Top data is in the NAD-83 Texas South Central coordinate system. Bottom data is your standard WGS-84 lon/lat. Using PostGIS.

Ah For the Days When These Weren't Part of Web Development

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had made some JS code that crashed Firefox on Linux. If you're on Linux you can actually see this live now. Just go to the new Downtown L.A. Interactive Map, click on "Select a Search Type" and select "Residential Buildings". That'll pop up an interface to refine a residential search. When you select something under Type it loads some more options in under Price. Firefox 1.5 on Linux instead just bombs.

On a different site I'm working on (this one's a personal project, not a work thing) I've apparently made some javascript that creates a memory leak under that same Firefox on Linux. — Continue Reading...