Still Digging Danielson

Sunday, October 22, 2006, at 03:06PM

By Eric Richardson

I have a habit of getting really into music others tend to think is just odd. For instance, I really like Blonde Redhead. Back in March of 2004 I wrote:

When you first hear it, you think it's going to be possibly the most annoying thing you've ever heard. But then you listen for a few more minutes. All of a sudden it's not annoying. All of a sudden you're hooked. But inevitably you set it aside for a little bit, and you forget. You remember that there's a grindingly high vocal, but not that it leaves you in a trance.

But then you hear them again, and you remember it all.

Far beyond that goes my long-held appreciation of the band Danielson Famile. I probably first heard them in 1996 or 1997 and just loved the song "Smooth Death." Then a few years later I got back into them, as evidenced by this 2001 blog post. Then last May I again got a hankering and picked up the Brother to Son album.

Last weekend Kathy and I went to Amoeba and what did I buy? Danielson's new album Ships. "Did I Step on Your Trumpet?" and "Time That Bald Sexton" are particularly amazing.