Light Festival Ok; Bikes Very Good

Tuesday, November 21, 2006, at 05:35AM

By Eric Richardson

Last night Kathy and I took a bike ride to go check out DWP's Festival of Lights at Griffith Park. As Mack wrote over at LA Voice, it's a bit cheesy as far as lights go, but it was a good destination and a good ride.

DWP does this yearly at the park and it's absurd that it's only open to cyclists for two hours on one night. Seeing as it's open to cars for 38 days, five hours a day, that's a good 1.04% of the time bikes are allowed.

You can check out the route we took via GMap Pedometer. We went up and over the hill via Glendale Blvd, then down the bike path to Zoo Drive. On the way back we went bike path to Riverside to Broadway and down into Downtown.

Crossing the Broadway bridge on the way back we paused and I took a few photos of Downtown, including the one above. I think I'd take Downtown's light show over the DWP one any night.