That Last 5%

Saturday, April 28, 2007, at 11:46AM

By Eric Richardson

I've been working on writing a new set of code to run blogdowntown (which was a big deal in itself, but not my topic at the moment). I've been at work on it off and on for a little over two months. Only really in the last week have I dug in and decided to get it finished, though.

Today I've been working on the code since about 7:30am. I'm maybe 98% to being launch ready, but that last 5% is killing me. Everything works, except for the little things here and there that keep needing to be tested or needing a tweak.

I really just want to be done, push it live, and head out for a bike ride. At this point I'm doubting the first two parts of that are going to take place today, but it's too nice out to skip the ride.