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Filling Out the Apartment

Kathy and I spent two and a half hours at IKEA this afternoon, which is about two hours longer than I ever like spending in the store. To me the IKEA experience just seems overwhelming. There's too much stuff, and putting together rooms inevitably leads to having to make too many choices.

But we had needs, and IKEA had furniture.

The table I assembled in November was the last real purchase Kathy and I had made, and we had some serious gaps in what we had vs what we needed.

So now arriving tomorrow we have 550 pounds of furniture (according to the IKEA home delivery guy). We have company arriving Wednesday, so between now and then we get to 1) clear out where it'll all go, 2) assemble everything, 3) put things away, and 4) get rid of trash and junk.

Update (Monday morning): I spent seven hours yesterday on assembly and got about 70% of the way through. We got four pieces, and I assembled two and a half (though most of the complicated stuff). Pictures will come tomorrow after things are finished up.