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Looking Ahead: Rails and Bicycling

Obviously I'm still not much back into this "writing on my own blog" thing. Kathy and I are back in Michigan for the holidays, and I've been digging into a work project in the free moments between family things.

Agathon has never deployed a Ruby on Rails project before, and I talked them into that being the correct way to go for a fairly hefty job with a big deadline three weeks into January. Right now I'm plugging at the foundation myself, and then after the new years I get to show off where things are and we'll bring some other people up to speed on how to jump into Rails and help get it all going.

January looks to basically be Rails and bicycling, which is all I could ask for. I'm having a blast on the new fixie, and have basically been making excuses to ride it whenever possible.

Bicycle Shots

Bicycle at Radio Hill

I said I wouldn't take any full-bike photos indoors. This afternoon I took the bike up Radio Hill to find a suitable spot for shots. I'll admit to not making it the entire way up the hill on my 48/15 gearing, but I made it close enough the the last bit of walk wasn't bad.

After a few days of riding fixie my legs are killing me, but I'm having a blast other than that. Friday I rode down to USC and back, and then did maybe 20 miles for Midnight Ridazz (I don't have a computer on, so just a guess). No bicycling yesterday, but then the couple miles to Radio Hill and back today.

Two more shots after the jump. — Continue Reading...

Two More Wheels

New Bicycle Eric Richardson

Tuesday afternoon I walked into Hollywood Pro looking for bar tape. One thing led to another, and yesterday I walked out with a new fixed-gear bicycle.

Even back when I bought my road bike in 2005, I had already been fighting the little bug in my head telling me that a fixie for around Downtown riding would be a lot of fun. I had thought before about getting an older frame and building one up from parts, but had never shown the follow-through to actually act on that desire. In the end a confluence of a couple different bits of good timing led to this being the perfect time to go ahead and buy one.

A couple relevant bits of info: The frame is a Soma Rush. The bike's running a front brake and 48/15 gearing (relatively high and fast).

Yesterday evening I took the bike out to the Fashion District and practiced on completely empty streets. I think I represented myself adequately, though I have to say that I can't think of anything so jarring as when you forget you're on a fixie and decide to coast. The bicycle will remind you of how impossible that is very quickly.

I took some up close shots yesterday, but don't think it's particularly cool to take a full bike shot inside. My goal is to ride up to Elysian Park -- my favorite spot for bicycle shots -- and take my photos up there, but those hills are going to present quite the challenge.

Oh to ride a bicycle more...

IAAL-MAF Eric Richardson

In light of the LA Times article about Midnight Ridazz and its mention of the IAAL-MAF (under sporadic rides at the bottom), it would perhaps be an appropriate time to discuss the fact that I suck at reliably getting on a bicycle these days. I rode tonight up to Atwater Village and back, and the hill on Glendale blvd reminded me just how little time I've been putting in the pedals lately.

Given tonight's ride, two trips to USC and a sidetrip to the Wilshire Library Branch, I've ridden about 30 miles in the last three days. Sadly, I don't know that I could tell you the last time I had done that.

But enough complaining... The simple solution: Go ride a bicycle.

I can start by heading over to the shop to get some new bar wrap to replace the padding on the left side of my bars. It ripped and I've been riding without for a couple weeks.