More Baseball Updates

Monday, February 25, 2008, at 02:50AM

By Eric Richardson

Baseball Gear
Eric Richardson

Yesterday's tryouts got postponed a week thanks to rain, but I got in a good bit of baseball related activity this week. Wednesday I met up with Zach Behrens at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park cages, hitting several rounds and realizing that even batting is a workout when you haven't done it in a while.

Saturday, though, was the real workout. Will Campbell and I met up at 10am at the Fletcher entrance to the river path, and proceeded to ride up the river and then across the valley to Sherman Oaks, roughly a 21-mile one-way from Downtown. We hit at Castle Park, grabbed a bite to eat, and then threw the ball around at Sherman Oaks Van Nuys Park. Final step was biking back across the valley to North Hollywood, where I grabbed the subway and Will continued on his two wheels.

Biggest finding for me was that I seem to still be able to make a throw from home to second, though not with especially much on it at the moment.

Rescheduled tryouts are this upcoming Sunday, so I'll know more where I'm at then.