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Sights from Australia: Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia Eric Richardson

After three days in Sydney, Kathy and I took a short flight down the coast to Melbourne. We spent a week there, visiting Kathy's sister Laura and letting her introduce us to the city. — Continue Reading...

Sights from Australia: Sydney

Sydney, Australia Eric Richardson

Kathy and I returned yesterday from ten days in Australia, where we spent three days in Sydney and a week in Melbourne.

It was my second trip down under, but my first with a digital camera. Whereas last time around I returned with just a handful of stills from a point-and-shoot APS-C and a fair amount of poorly-taken video on miniDV, this time Kathy and I combined to take 718 photos. Of those, 161 got tagged as ones that she wanted. Many of those are now on her Facebook, but I thought I'd grab a few of my favorites to post here. — Continue Reading...


It's been a bit, hasn't it?

Various topics that I've neglected to mention here over the past year and a half: starting a newspaper, closing a newspaper, looking for a job, taking a job with a public radio station and moving twice (though only a few blocks each time).

And yet with all of that, it is actually a vacation that has me getting this blog back up and running. On Saturday, Kathy and I will board the world's largest airplane and head off on a 15-hour flight to Australia, where we'll spend a few days in Sydney and a week in Melbourne.

Back in 2000, when I did things like blog, I spent six weeks in Sydney. It only seems appropriate to bring the site back up to speed before I return.

I do anticipate taking more photos this time around. Back in 2000, most of the visuals I left with were crappy camcorder video. I think I've gotten a little better at taking a picture since then.