getting back into the habit of things

Sunday, January 06, 2013, at 03:35PM

By Eric Richardson

I've been pretty quiet here for the past six years or so. The last time I hit double digit postings in a month was April of 2006. For most of that time I had the excuse that I was producing plenty of words over at blogdowntown, but those days ended at the end of 2011. This past year was the first since 1998 where I wasn't writing something on a roughly daily basis.

It was the same in photography. In Lightroom I have 15,595 pictures from 2009, 14,685 from 2010, 9,125 from 2011 and 690 from 2012. Even that number doesn't quite tell the whole story, since 220 of those were taken in December.

It's funny, sometimes, how hard it is to get back into a habit once you've stepped away.

My time was plenty busy with other things. Along with moving across the country and buying a house, 2012 became my year to dive back into technology. Starting the year at KPCC that meant getting into Node.js and diving into ideas about where to take online radio. More recently it has meant getting a handle on dev-ops for Emcien, fleshing out a strategy for using Chef to provision and deploy our servers in the cloud.

Those first passions draw at you, though. I do miss the research, the writing, the working to get pictures, just the storytelling process in general.

No clue where that will lead in the future, but for now how about it just turns into a few more frequent updates here? Six years might just be long enough...

Housekeeping note: A few days ago I moved this site to the domain (my middle name is William, to answer the obvious question). I just got tired of how long was to type. All the cool kids have short domains these days.