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back to school

I went "back to school shopping" a couple minutes ago (school is tomorrow, after all). I spent $8 (for a big notebook and some pens). In and out in five minutes... I still haven't taken my backpack out of my trunk since I stuck it there on the last day of school last year. I'm debating whether to clean it out tonight, or just grab it out of my trunk at school tomorrow. Hmmm.... At least we don't start 'til 9:45 on the first day.

i was wrong...

I WAS WRONG! Draganfly is way cooler than I gave them credit for being. I've found the blimp I want.... It's a 52", 3 channel model. Even has a nylon envelope (Mylar looks sucky on blimps). And, here's the kicker, you can buy a SIX FOOT envelope for only like $100. SIX FEET OF BLIMP ACTION! Oh, the 52"er is $297. — Continue Reading...

more blimps

I'm still on yesterday's blimp tangent... Today I found draganfly innovations, inc. Their homepage says the following... "draganfly innovations inc. makes cool things including shiny, flying objects." What more do you need to know?!? SHINY FLYING OBJECTS! 52 inch blimp for like $110. It is a mylar envelope, but it's also really cheap...

i want a blimp

I really want a 4 - 6 ft. blimp to fly at NM basketball games and stuff. The good news is that tons of people make 4 -6 ft. blimps. Unfortunately, they go from the $100 junky ones, to the $500 - $1000 models with really nothing in between. Tethered blimps are pretty cheap, though... I might have to look into how hard it would be to convert a tethered blimp to a remote control one. Hmmm....

the gonzo project

Just wanted to let everyone know that eWorld (ummm... me), in association with Bad Craziness International, is launching a web design arm. the gonzo project is dedicated to the production of interactive, easy to administer web sites.

site design comments

I'm working on a site for my school (North Muskegon), and want to get some feedback on the design. Take a look, and then let me know what you think.

network traffic tickets

I must have some of these. "For an excessive ammount of offenses, please consider the gallows pole." Heh.

cheap computers

I know everybody's all excited about those new "e-machines" and cheap computer stuff like that. YMMV, but I wouldn't be caught dead with one of those. When you buy from a cheap place like that, you get cheap, sub-standard hardware. If you're looking for a cheap computer with good hardware, check out these refurbished Dells. 3 year warranty, and from a good name. Solid stuff.

the black art of Perl

I'm working on a Perl script for Gospelcom that has to be written suid root. The more I do with it, the more I'm becoming convinced that writing suid Perl stuff is really akin to black magic. Take this for example: I've got a bail routine that uses sendmail to email the admin when something fails. The bail routine gets called perfectly, yet no email is sent out. No errors appear anywhere. The code just seemingly disappears into a black hole. Really, really, weird.


Our good friends over at Bad Craziness International have a brilliant piece on our neighbors to the north. Read and learn.

linux on a laptop

Gospelcom's giving me a notebook to use for my trip to North Carolina and New Jersey (I leave tomorrow). I've spent most of the afternoon fighting with it, but I think it's in pretty good shape now. — Continue Reading...

remember the chipmunks?

Remember back in the day when you could make your tapes sound like the chipmunks by playing them at double speed? Those were the days... — Continue Reading...