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camera on coredump

The camera on coredump is currently down due to an IRQ conflict. I'll reboot this weekend and fix it.

cd burner

I got my CD burner working today. I still don't have any GUI stuff going for it, but that's ok... I'm a command line kinda guy anyway. :) Yeah right... It works, though, and under Linux too. Will wonders never cease?


Even though I can't pronounce their name, Buddhakowski plays really cool music. Check out their page, or if you want to hear thei rmusic, check out the mp3's at

privacy? you don't get no stinkin' privacy.

I'm not going to say much on this, cause I've said it all so often before. Public schools are turning into prisons, plain and simple. This story is scary on so many levels. Read on for a little summary of my thoughts... — Continue Reading...

Columbine again (for the last time, hopefully)...

So apparently police are getting really close to their final report on the whole Columbine thing. A lot of things a lot of people thought were fact about the incident are turning out to be complete myths. Salon has a great story updating everything.

more camera stuff

I did a little more with the camera stuff... Click if you're interested. — Continue Reading...

Holland Rhythm Band

While pretty much unknown, the Holland Rhythm Band has a really great sound. Awakening's "The Awakening Compilation: Volume 2" is also really good.

eWorld Live

I'm working on bringing back the live cam. It's not perfect (I liked my old way of doing cam stuff infinitely better), but it's a start. Right now 2 of 4 views are live. Check out the straight-up view from coredump, or the diagonal blues view from gonzo. (Remember that Netscape people need to shift+reload to force an image refresh)

mp3 visualizations

The last couple days I've played around a lot with doing audio visualization stuff under Linux. While the visuals aren't quite as impressive as the Windoze stuff, you can get some cool looking stuff with cthugha and synaesthesia. Projecting those huge on the walls while blasting antiloop is always enjoyable...

what I'm up to...

Instead of cluttering this little piece of real-estate up with technical junk that would bore most of you, I'm going to start writing a lot more about the computer stuff i'm up to here. I'll continue to post my rants on the world and less technical stuff here. — Continue Reading...


I made it to Chicago fine, so I'll be here until Sunday for the fall Gospelcom conference. Hopefully something interesting enough for me to post here will pop up, but if not I'll be back to normal on Monday.

more school fun

...and in other news from the i-hate-my-psycho-school department: the Chicago Tribune has an article about the whole school paranoia thing. Read it.