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this crazy world

It's six o'clock. I'm leaving for South Carolina in one hour, and yet I'm still at the office, doing work. I haven't even been home yet to pack. This is shaping up to be one heck of a 24-hours... Good thing I've got Shock-a-lots for the night drive.


Wired News? Funny? It can't be... And yet, this is perhaps the funniest article I've seen all day. Look! They said Esperanto!

Toy Story 2

I went and saw Toy Story 2 last night. I was amazed. I mean, put aside the fact that the animation was the best ever and that the whole thing was computer generated. Even without all that, Toy Story 2 was simply the funniest movie I've seen in a long time. — Continue Reading...

sled dogs

As I usually do on boring Sunday afternoons, I'm randomly browsing the web for weird stuff and reading Wired. Somehow, something in Wired's drool section ("Wired Tools"? tools? these ain't no steekin tools. them's toys.) reminded me of the Sled Dogs (snow skates, not real dogs) I bought a couple years ago. Obviously, this is my ticket to catch up on things... — Continue Reading...


If anyone cares, I've put my Christmas wish list online. Feel free to buy me stuff, or just see what I'm interested in.


You know, it really sucks when you think you're downloading Corel WordPerfect (23mb), but accidentally get Corel Linux (320mb). Right around 275 meg it hit me... Gar. Maybe if wasn't so completely messed up.

ascii art

Muah hah ha... ASCII art is back. Check out this picture. It's me, colored onto the text of eThreads' (generated by png2html)

the orange age

Nope, your monitor's not lying... The site is really a dark orange. I'm going to play around with a couple other color schemes too. Once eThreads gets the multiple theme support stuff, you'll be able to choose the theme you like best and eThreads will remember it for you.


This is an interesting article on the recent AT&T cable takeovers. It'll be really interesting to see how this all pans out. (found on CamWorld)

this is dumb

If I was any of the people involved in this story, I would be really, really pissed. That's just crazy. I really hope that lawsuits get filed and people win. There's no way this should happen...

new forms of teaching

Wired has a cool article on a teacher here in Michigan who uses a very non-traditional teaching style and seems to get great results. I wonder how this would work in a more traditional class, though...


You know what I'm really sick of? Those stupid "surveys" they hand out at school that ask about your future career and stuff like that. All they really do is give your name and address to the places which then sell your information, which in turn subject you to a deluge of "targeted mail" (cough spam cough). Gar. I think I'm going to start refusing to fill them out. I don't want junk mail. On the same token, who gave Internic the right to publish customer addresses in the whois records? They should be shot.