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new look (on the rest of the site)

I started implementing a new look today, but I don't really feel like doing the rest of it right now. I'll probably change the news stuff over tomorrow. Feedback is always welcome.


I've got less than two weeks until the Gospelcom conference in Orlando, and I've still got 12 items on my eThreads 1.2 todo list. Not all of them are large, but I've still got a lot of coding to do before I demo everything. eThreads is now up to 8500+ lines (6235 if you strip comments) and 320k of code.


It's really cold here. I left a half-empty Surge bottle in my car yesterday, and today it was frozen solid. Somebody get me out of Michigan.

cool flash presentation

Check out this site. The guy does some really cool photography and presents it very well with flash. The Part II: Empty Places bit is especially good.

my cubicle

You've probably seen it already in the cameras (which still aren't working), but if you're still curious, I did a little hardware tour yesterday for the upcoming Gospelcom conference.

the britney spears project

I find this really amusing. If anyone wants to get ahold of (cough make fun of cough) Jon, his AIM screen name is whoGOTspears.

if only they could see me now...

Sometimes I find myself doing something which strikes me as so amusing, I just have to laugh at myself. Today, I'm testing some RealMedia stuff getting ready for the Gospelcom February conference. I've got the encoder running on my notebook, as well as the player (cool story here... more later on in the post). Anyway, click for more... — Continue Reading...