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(Friday) North Muskegon 13, Ravenna 6

After starting off slow, we opened up on Ravenna and kept it from really being a contest. I went 2-4 with several RBIs, two of which came on a check swing single that managed to just skirt by the first baseman. I also stole third base three times, and came to the realization that if I'm going to keep that up, I really need to start wearing long sleeves. As it is, my arms bear the scars of my efforts. The win keeps our conference unbeaten streak alive, bringing our overall record (counting the Ruffer loss I'm not even going to mention) to 5-1 (4-0 conference).

Game 2: North Muskegon 5, Shelby 5

We started out by giving them four runs that probably shouldn't have been scored (I'm not sure how many were actually unearned), and then had to fight back. We scored one in the top of the seventh to go up 5-4, but then gave up one run in the bottom of the inning. The game was then called on account of darkness, and will be finished only if it matters to the conference race. I went 3-4 with three singles.

Game 1: North Muskegon 9, Shelby 4

We jumped out to an early lead, but couldn't quite finish the job without going the full seven innings. I did nothing spectacular, going 1-4 as a DH with a single and a run scored. (5-0, 3-0 conference)

more bar graphs

I've now completed evolving my bar graph code into a Perl module that works generically for any data. Witness two example outputs: test3 and test4.

North Muskegon 7, Oakridge 6

Despite playing pretty much our worst baseball of the year, we beat Oakridge at home to keep our undefeated streak alive (4-0, 2-0 conference). I was 2-3 with two singles and three RBIs. I also scored twice. Next Tuesday now becomes huge, as we take on Shelby in a home doubleheader.


One sure sign you're doing things the hard way: You're doing your page numbering by manually inserting the LaTeX codes into your paper with vi.

Sometimes I wonder about me... I do really like LyX, though... I just wish it did a couple more things for you.

North Muskegon 9, Spring Lake 8

It was a thriller in North Muskegon as the Norsemen rallied back from an 8-0 deficit to win in 8 innings. I went 2-3, with two singles, an RBI or two (I can't remember which), and a walk. For those of you keeping track at home, that keeps the Norsemen undefeated with a 3-0 record (1-0 conference) going into Friday's home game against Oakridge.

North Muskegon 9, Whitehall 5

Second baseball game today (we got cancelled yesterday on account of cold, and last Wed. on account of snow). This time we hit the ground with pretty much all cylinders firing. I DH'ed and went 1 for 3 with a double, a sac bunt, and a walk. I also got thrown out at second because of a second baseman who decided to cover up the bag well before he had the ball. He now has a ripped sock, ripped spandex, and a nice little cut on his leg to show for it. My cleat is doing just fine.

Redhat 7.1

Today I installed Redhat 7.1 on NMPS's web server. I was really impressed by how smooth the installation process has become. With how rarely I actually do new installations (my machine is a thoroughly hacked up 5.1, i think), it's fun to see how that part of things is moving along. I was also very pleased to see stuff like OpenSSH and sudo in the main distribution now, as well as ipchains configuration during the installation process.

that college thing...

So last weekend I visited Biola and USC. Both visits were very cool, but the end result is that I'm strongly leaning towards USC. The campus was great and the school of communications is one of the best in the world.

I'll probably write more about what I liked later...

need sleep...

In three and a half hours I leave for Los Angeles for two days. I have not yet packed or slept. At this point I think it's safe to say I'm running behind schedule.

more bar graphs

So the bar graph stuff is still coming along nicely. You can see a sample output here. Now if I could just figure out how to figure out how to compute the intervals for the y-axis... — Continue Reading...