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I'm very proud of myself. Click for the story... — Continue Reading...

sentient dadadodo

I just went to the root page of this site and found the following gem:

I hate school; and I'm a computer, writing code.

Some might agree...

more camera stuff

So today I adapted my old camera.jpg stuff to make a server-side script to use with geCam and put it online. Click on live to see pictures, albeit not live. Right now they update when I click the button.


Tonight I had the urge to break my GTK skills out, so I decided to take a break from eThreads and write something interesting. I ended up with geCam, a Perl/GTK webcam client. I plan on bringing back a new incarnation of the webcam soon, and geCam will power it. It's powered by Gtk-Perl and Imlib2_Perl, for those of you who care. Next comes superimposing captions onto the image. Imlib2 should make that easy, though.

PCI fun

If you go to plug something into the back of a PCI card that's not screwed into your machine, and that card happens to come out of its PCI slot, don't try to put it back in with the computer on. Computers don't like that.

DNA Lounge

As you've probably noticed, I'm pretty much always in awe of jwz. Currently, jwz's big thing is the DNA Lounge, a nightclub he bought after leaving Netscape. Throughout the oft-extended reconstruction, jwz's "backstage logs" have been a fascinating look into all that goes on in reconstructing a nightclub in SF. For a programmer, jwz is really good at explaining a very wide range of subjects from sound equipment to plumbing and bathroom fixtures. Definitely a worthwhile read. — Continue Reading...


This afternoon I was sitting here at the computer, bored as usual, so I decided to fire up VICE. I've proceeded to spend most of the rest of the afternoon on old C64 games I found at LEMON. My first forays into computing were right here playing Summer Olympics.

Now if only I could find a copy of GEOS for the C128 and remember how to get into adventure under C/PM, my nostalgia trip would be complete. — Continue Reading...