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writing time

It's time to start writing. Pieces have finally fallen into place to do a short this summer, and a script needs to be written before the weekend. It'll be interesting.


So today I finally got over my laziness and installed SpamAssassin on my server. I haven't yet fully integrated it with my somewhat peculiar mail setup, but I've got it on my main box for now to play with. We'll see how that goes.

"of vision"

I got an email today asking that I write something for a new site. It's at It'll be interesting to see if they can get enough people interested to really bring the idea to fruition.

picture of kathy and myself

PictureI just received a copy of some pictures taken while Kathy and I were in New Jersey earlier this summer. I thought it might be nice to post one here for those who like to see that sort of thing.

daily trojan

So apparently the Daily Trojan, USC's campus newspaper, published a couple issues over the summer. The latest, published June 26, featured a lead story entitled "Student Raped on Campus." That issue appears to be the last for the summer, and for several weeks that headline stood there as the lead story. Today I vist and find that the feature story has changed, to an article about tanning. Who wants to place odds on the university pulling some strings for the sake of publicity?

and the winner is...

So right now the leading July google query to lead people to my site is... saxaboom? For the second month is a row? 14 hits for that this month, compared to only 10 last month. Of course, it hasn't even cracked the year's top ten yet. The year's top mark is held by student council speech, with 316 hits (plus 53 for "student council speech" and 36 for student council speeches).

The next entries on the current July list: dispatch under the radar (11), intercourse (10), grace is gone (9), and dave matthews band-busted stuff (8).

movies to watch for

So as part of my job I see a lot of movie trailers, most many, many times. Though the strength of these trailers may or may not reflect the quality of the picture itself, usually it's a good early indicator. Click to read what I'm looking forward to. — Continue Reading...