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another day in the neighborhood

A couple minutes ago I look out my window and see an LAPD helicoptor maybe 200 feet away (probably 30 feet above the level of our building). That's kind of unusual during the day, so it catches my interest. He looks like he's circling the Vermont/29th intersection, so I look over that direction. A black guy runs around the corner, and I think "LAPD's probably chasing that guy." Five seconds later an LAPD car rounds the corner, catches up to the guy, pulls alongside him, and opens his door. At this point they get sort of screened by the Autozone, put I assume he pulled his gun on him, and took him in that way. Four or five cars quickly descend on the scene. Now, seven minutes later, there's absolutely no sign that this just happened.

adam & the weight

Last May I mentioned that I had seen Adam Kowalczyk open for Rodney, and that I expected good things from his band, adam & the weight. Well, on March 13 I went to their cd release party at the key club. I wasn't disappointed. The band played a relatively short set, but I was really impressed by how refined their performance was. Both muscially and with their stage presence they put on a first-rate show. Adam's brother, Ed (yes, the lead from Live), sang on one of the songs, which was very cool to hear. The Live influence is pretty obvious, Adam's voice has a lot of the same traits as Ed's, but I have to say that's a big plus for me. In fact, I was so impresesed that I did something I rarely do these days... I bought the cd. Their song Come Undone then proceeded to be stuck in my head the entire time I was in France. I highly recommend checking out both the band and their album.


I'm back in the US. Expect a long write-up soon, but right now I'm going to try and nip the jet-lag thing in the bud and go to bed.


So I get to Paris this morning, take the RER to Notre Dame, and what's the first thing I do? Well, first was find an ATM, but second was find my way into an internet cafe in order to check the score of the USC game. But we lost, so that didn't make me happy. And I'm sick of trying to type with a European keylayout, so I don't think this post will last much longer. Now to figure out how to run an ssh client to check email...

Bowery Electric - Shook Ones

I don't like to use songofthemoment to link to multiple songs by the same artist, but in this case I'll make an exception. I absolutely love the bass line that drives this song. Bowery's site has a page with samples, so definitely check it out. Every time I go to Amoeba I look for this cd used (being too broke to buy a new cd), but no one ever seems to want to give it up.

stupid farm

Ok, so before I came to USC, I didn't really know anything about Stanford. Then I came here, and started to get acquainted with them. As of right now, I'd just like to make it official that I hate the Cardinal. First off, what's up with that? You're a color, but yet:

(ESPN) tree mascots were out in force -- all five of them attended the game, dancing across the court before the game and during breaks, creating a forest of sorts.

Trees? Where did you get trees? I hate your tree. It's freaky looking. If I was a little kid I would have nightmares after seeing that tree. And yet right now I just sort of look at it in pity.

Poor farm... Thursday night's not looking to be your night in Staples Center. The spaceship that is Jerry Dupree has officially landed, and last year they handed Jerry the deed to Staples Center.

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eWorld: quiet

It was time for a change, and I wasn't really feeling something with a lot of colors. This look probably won't last too long, but I think I like it for now. The intent is subdued and peaceful. Practically, it also widens up the content area, which was desperately needed.

what? comments?

On April 18, 1999, I wrote "Soon I'm going to enable replies to these posts (sort of a Slashdot like system), and then you'll be able to flame and taunt to your heart's content. Fun, fun, fun." It's now March, 2003. That means that I got things done right on time, as rantings now supports comments. Everyone else was doing it, so I figured there was no reason I shouldn't. Enjoy. I'm sure I'll be refining it a bit. If you click "Linkable URL" it'll give you view_post, and you'll find the comment button there.

the two guitar man's back

Rodney Branigan, the two-guitar playing uber-musician, is about to be back in LA. He has a show at the Cat Club on Wednesday night, and one at the LA Hard Rock (by the Beverly Center) on Thursday. That's all good and well, and everyone should definitely go check him out, but the real cool news is that Rodney's also going to be playing a set for our Campus Crusade meeting on Wednesday night. I'm excited.

stupid midterms

So right now I'm sitting in the Annenberg computer lab, studying for a midterm in COMM 201 (Communication as a Liberal Art). I can't help but think as I go through the study guide that I could just as easily have prepared for this midterm right now without ever going to class. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe I'll do awful on it, but I can't help but feel that's not the case, and it really is that easy.