two nights, two shows

Sunday, October 05, 2003, at 03:00PM

By Eric Richardson

For once I had plans for two nights of music and actually made good on getting to both of them. I love it when that happens. Anyway... Thursday night Jessica, a friend from school, and I went to Genghis Cohen and saw Lee Beth Kilgore. Genghis's music room is cool, though not really like anything I've seen before. It's a longer than wide rectangular room with rows of benches (more like pews). There's a probably 18-inch table top running along the back of each. Anyway... A cool setup. Lee Beth was playing her first show with new electric guitarist Jeremy Shockley (hopefully I spelled that at least close to right). The richened sound does a lot for her. Though I'm very much a non-musician, I think it must be really freeing to not have to worry about both leading and carrying with the acoustic. The full sound really lets her vocal range come out and shine.

Friday night Magilla and I went and caught Saucy Monky and Paper Sun, two bands that really need to count as one and a half. They shared a drummer and bassist, just swapping out each band's front two. Room 5 is one of those places with no cover, but a required drink. Prices weren't that bad, though, so no big deal there. The room itself is nice, though small. Lots of wood and plaster gives it a nice sound. Both bands put on a good show. I've written about Saucy before, and really all the same things apply to this show, so I won't bore you repeating myself. Definitely worth the trip.