midday downtown

Wednesday, August 11, 2004, at 12:33PM

By Eric Richardson

I'm working from home today and needed to return a DVD to the library (The Madness of King George, which Kathy and I rented and watched last night... Her pick; I hadn't heard of it, but liked it), so D4, Miggles, and I walked over there at lunch. On the way we ate ate the Yorkshire Grill, which I had seen many times but never been inside. It was very much like Canter's in menu and price. Canter's pickles are a lot better in my opinion, but I had no complaints about my sandwich. I ordered the Yorkshire Special, rye bread around layered turkey, pastrami, and cole slaw. The sandwich, a little cup of potato salad, pickles, and a coke came out to $12 with tip. Not bad at all.

Never one to leave the library empty-handed, I checked out Rosey's cd Dirty Child and the self-titled cd by Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise, who you might remember I saw at the Viper Room back in May.