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That Last 5%

I've been working on writing a new set of code to run blogdowntown (which was a big deal in itself, but not my topic at the moment). I've been at work on it off and on for a little over two months. Only really in the last week have I dug in and decided to get it finished, though.

Today I've been working on the code since about 7:30am. I'm maybe 98% to being launch ready, but that last 5% is killing me. Everything works, except for the little things here and there that keep needing to be tested or needing a tweak.

I really just want to be done, push it live, and head out for a bike ride. At this point I'm doubting the first two parts of that are going to take place today, but it's too nice out to skip the ride.

Asterisk: Ruby Fun with Adhearsion

We're still waiting on a few pieces to come together before we really roll with the VoIP changeover, so things have been mostly quiet for me on the Asterisk front. Today I took a little time to play with dial plans and thought I'd do a short write-up about the fun I've been having with Adhearsion.

Asterisk has the ability to pass call logic off to external applications via what's called the AGI interface. Adhearsion speaks AGI and allows the call logic to be written in Ruby.

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Gannt Charts


This is the sort of thing I've been looking at over the past few days. No bigger image since it's all internal project stuff.

Sometime soon I'll try to round-up the project management apps we tried before settling on Merlin.