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USC Housing

So I got my USC housing reassignment today. I was in an apartment off-campus, which I wasn't very happy about (either part). It also wasn't wired for the campus network, which obviously wouldn't work out very well for me. Now I'm in a Marks Tower, a dorm on campus, with ResNet. Life is good.

finding eWorld

It's funny how many people have lately been getting to the site via searches for student council speeches. In fact, my student council speech is the number one result for the 'student council speech' query on Google. I think there's a fairly good chance I'll be ripped off by someone... People also found eWorld by way of looking for homecoming queens, and my favorite, searching for intercourse. Many variations off that one... Click to get a full listing of Google searches that people used to find me... — Continue Reading...


I have to say that AudioGalaxy is the coolest thing I've come across in a long time. Just when I was starting to fear all was lost, I find this and am once again able to get my Cranberries fix. Mmmm...

eThreads post modification

You would think that fixing the post modification code in #{node "7"}eThreads#{/node} would be a really easy thing. I mean, after all, how can post modification be any different than posting? I wish... — Continue Reading...

IHeartNerds appended

So I wrote a couple of amusing notes attached to the offending entries on that site, and now all the stuff from this site is gone. This girl, "Jillian" or whatever her name is, is definitely fast. — Continue Reading...


Ummm... So some "girl" has been blatently plagarizing stuff off my site and posting it on this teen diary site under the alias IHeartNerds. While I'm amused by this (especially the masterful merging of stuff from all over my site in this entry), I think I just find this rather odd.

water skiing

So today I went skiing for the first time in a year, and only the second time in many years. I surprised myself by doing fairly well at it, but will definitely be sore in the morning.

Muah haha

In my last camera related post before I actually get something working, I can finally say I've had some progress. I mostly figured out the Video::Capture::V4l stuff, and now have a script that grabs the raw BGR data from there and writes out a PPM file (because it's the simplest image format I could find). Now I just need to get Imlib2_perl to support Imlib2::create_image_from_data so I can do the rest of my fun without ever having the image leave memory.

fun with images

So I've spent time yesterday and today playing with images. Much fun... Yesterday I learned bitwise operators, today I learned the composition of 15, 16, and 24 bit images. Now I just have to figure out how to convert a raw RGB image into a JPEG.

this is annoying

So I finally gave up on the complete mess that is Video::Capture::V4l and went back to debugging why streamer isn't working. After a long time of scattering printf's through the code to figure out where it was failing, I finally discover that my problem was that streamer no longer recognizes .jpg as a jpeg image file. Gar. Now streamer works some, but still fails often for a reason unknown to me. So I still have nothing working, and that does not make me happy.

webcam stuff

So today I reinstalled the xawtv stuff so I would get streamer and get my webcam working again. Simple stuff, right? Heh... streamer complains no matter what options I give it, despite the fact that xawtv works great. I saw in the README that there's a CPAN module Video::Capture::V4l, so I figure I'll just bypass all that and do my own bit. Heh...

This is quite possibly the most confusing Perl module I've ever seen. No documentation, and the examples they tell you to look at are totally incomprehensible. Now I'm so deep in xs files and trying to comprehend the cryptic examples it's pathetic. Why can I never do things the easy way?

ummm... i haven't died

Despite the eerie silence here, I have not died or lost the use of my arms. I've just gotten lazy. I haven't been doing much in the way of cool computer stuff since my little wipeout incident a while back. It's now summer, though, so look for me to start up again.

Of course, this all depends on whether I find a decent job. If you know of anything, I'd definitely be interested to know.