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As mentioned in the last post, the bones of this site are a little creaky. It's running on Rails 3.2.15, which came out in 2013, stuck on Ruby 2.1.5, which came out in 2014. It's spent the last eight years running on an m1.small instance in AWS, provisioned using Chef cookbooks that were neat when I wrote them in 2013, but haven't had a thing done to them since.

I didn't even have a good way to deploy an update to change the sidebar to show that I've spent the last six years working for Square and Cash App rather than public radio.

Definitely time for a refresh. I'd been messing around with using a Docker container to get my ancient Ruby running on this M1 iMac, so I decided to shoot for ECS (Elastic Container Service), using Amazon-provisioned database and Redis. — Continue Reading...