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redneck GAIM

This is funny. Using the GAIM (third-party AOL instant messenger client for Linux) plugin architecture, gaim-redneck translates outgoing speech into redneck.

Muah haha... I officially declare this the one true way to communicate.

PowerTel joins the conglomerate

I just saw this Wired News article which says that Deutsche Telekom will be buying PowerTel and folding it into Voicestream. Just two weeks ago I was in Atlanta talking to a cell phone sales guy who claimed that PowerTel was definitely not for sale. Heh. I guess $5.89 billion will soften anybody.

a bit of sight seeing

Over the last two days I've seen a little bit of the area around here. I really don't need to say that it's awesome; you can probably guess that. I will anyway, though. It's awesome. — Continue Reading...


I am now in Australia. Click here to view my rantings from here. Normal stuff that would usually fill this space will continue to turn up here, while I'll try to keep that a little more in depth. — Continue Reading...

in sydney

I'm here. After somewhat of an interesting experience at the airport (waiting for a ride who thought I was arriving a day later), I made it here to the home I'll be staying in at about 10am. — Continue Reading...

still flying

From the little map it looks like we're getting pretty close to Sydney now. I didn't really sleep much, but I did watch three movies and listen to music. 54 minutes to go. — Continue Reading...

mod_perl in mid-air

It's now noon in Sydney, and I'm somewhere between Chicago and LA fighting with mod_perl. You know what I love about mod_perl? The way it doesn't make any sense. — Continue Reading...

unprepared again...

Once again I'm less than a day away from a major trip and haven't even begun packing... This one's for 5 weeks, so I'm pretty much just going to through my entire wardrobe in a suitcase. Then it's off to the land down under for a little over a month in Sydney. Muah haha...

getting ready to travel

It's almost time to leave again, so that means updating all the demo'able apps on my notebook. Trips = show time; and you can't convert people with old, unstable code. Enlightenment + efm + feh + Eterm = one really amazing environment to wow people who still think UNIX is all about the command line.

Now if only I could get Broadcast 2000 working...


I've spent a bit of time looking into business jets today (the Boeing Business Jet looks awesome). The most intriguing thing I found was the NetJets program, where you can buy a partial time share in a jet and have guaranteed access to it. Very cool. In the end, I've decided I need one of these.


So I recompiled my ieee1394 stuff, libraw1394, and dvgrab. All working fine. I can connect up my camcorder via firewire and capture video (with audio).

Broadcast 2000 refuses to run. It does absolutely nothing... According to strace it's sitting at a rt_sigsuspend, but I'm not really bright enough to figure anything out from that. Gar.

broadcast 2000 & firewire

Oh my... Broadcast 2000 now has firewire support. I must make this work. Getting this and all my firewire stuff to work under Linux would very much make my life complete. Video is the last thing I have to reboot into Windows for. If I had a video solution in Linux... Oh my.