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the looks of eWorld

The other day I was showing someone some of the different looks I had created for this site in the past and realized I really should have a page which exhibited them. The looks page now links to many of the looks that has (dis)graced this site in the past. They're pretty raw, but they're there enough to get the idea.

shifting gears

Yesterday it sort of sunk in that I'll be back in Michigan next week. Believe it or not, I'm actually glad for this. Australia's great, but I'm ready to go back to a normal life for a couple months.

Of course, going back means having to think about real life again. I've got a couple of things that'll be demanding my attention right when I return. — Continue Reading...


Here's something you don't see every day:
[eric@segfault looks]$ rm -r x.0/2.0/
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Whoah... rm? coredump? To make things even better, I can't find the core file.

video clips

Over in my Australia log I've linked to a couple video clips I've done here. They aren't much, but the second one is kind of cool. See them here. — Continue Reading...

video and a symphony

I'm finally getting around to linking to a couple video clips I've done while I've been here. Also, last night I saw the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. Quite an experience. — Continue Reading...


The fact that you're reading this means you've weathered the DNS change. We now return to the previously scheduled boringness.

USC... again?

Something's wrong here. The University of South Carolina is now 4-0. They've beaten two ranked teams, and are 2-0 in the SEC. That's after losing 21 straight games. Go Cocks!


This site will be down for a touch while the server moves tomorrow. It should be an easy move, and physical down-time should be around a half-hour. Hopefully DNS won't take too long to catch up. If your DNS isn't picking up the new address quick enough, feel free to make up and go there. I can pretty much guarantee that won't be cached.

new in verbal

Another addition to the verbal intercourse section. This time it's the last column I wrote for the school newspaper last year, containing my thoughts on school.

Much thanks to Betsy for actually hunting down this article for me.


With my cameras down, I now have a database of 29,719 images sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Seeing that as a big waste, I decided it would be cool to make stuff with it. My first effort -- more a tool to getting results than an end in itself -- is score, a way for you to weed the good images from the bad. I leave the qualifications for good and bad up to you, the viewer.

walking, walking, and walking

Yesterday I pretty much took in the whole Olympic experience, starting with beach volleyball in the morning and ending up with a taste of the city at night. — Continue Reading...

Machina II

So Smashing Pumpkins have, as a last insult to Virgin, released over an hour worth (1:25, actually) of new stuff. Supposedly Billy Corgan specifically released it with the intention of it being spread via mp3. That rocks. You can get it here at Good stuff.