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So apparently South Carolina finally won a game. It's about time.

If you're going to break a 21-game skid, that's the way to do it, too. 31-0. Muah haha...


This article reminds me why it is that I've always enjoyed reading Suck. I guess it's the writing style. Maybe, though, it's just the fact that they can use so many words on such little topics. That's an art.

movie page updated

I just updated the movie page in the favorites section. I added a favorite movie, updated all of the "recent" movies, and put IMDB links on all of the movies listed. Hopefully it'll be a little more useful now.

sight seeing

Saturday I finally got out and made my first trip to Sydney Harbor (err... Harbour over here, i guess). It was great. Lots of fun stuff to do down there. — Continue Reading...