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I'm really annoyed that I'm out of the US during college football season. I mean, I leave and what does South Carolina do but win TWO games in a row. What's the world coming to?

I love this Lou Holtz quote, though, responding to fans talking about a bowl trip. "My goodness, we just lost 21 in a row. We'll probably go to the Toilet Bowl in Flushing, N.Y." Hehe. USC fans are rabid about their football.


I went to see a gymnastics training session today. It was very cool. Olympic gymnists are amazing, and even more so in person. They're just crazy. Click for more. — Continue Reading...


It's 3am, and I'm sitting here trying to figure out why Storable refuses to store my hash from inside my module, but works perfectly in the script calling the module. Gar.

eThreads 2.0

I wrote up a thing on #{node "7"}eThreads#{/node} 2.0 and posted it over at the eThreads news page.

eThreads 2.0 is going to be very cool. Moving to a TCP socket communciating server will not only allow the external app functionality I discuss in the writeup, but also a lot more persistance. Persistance means less db regeneration of content. Less db regeneration of content should mean much more speed (the speed increase when caching got introduced was very good).

muah haha

Perl likes me. No matter how crazy of an idea I can come up with, it'll let it work. Today's fun game was to overload a sub with the option of still calling the original sub. Guess what; it's not only possible, but even easy. — Continue Reading...


So apparently Mandrake is looking at houses in Michigan. What the... I mean, I guess after a while you just want to settle down, but how far disconnected from the rest of the world can you get and still retain sanity?

NZSO - Antartica

Since I'm in Sydney, I have to see something in the Opera House. Right now my first choice is NZSO - Antartica. A film with live Orchestra would be really cool.


Bill Gates was at the Sydney Media Centre yesterday and I didn't know... I should have guessed since he's speaking at the World Economic Forum today and I saw all the .NET stuff in the conference room... Oh well, that would have been interesting.

Speaking of the World Economic Forum, there are 10,000 protestors there. That's impressive. There was a good article on the protests in Wired News today. It'll be interesting to see if many protestors migrate down to Sydney after things are done there.


I had a dream last night in which this server crashed and wouldn't come back. I really need to make sure my hack backup system gets everything.

new in verbal

Another article found on my hard drive. This time it's a Norse Star column about NM Class Offerings. As always, writing is found in the verbal intercourse section.

new in verbal

My Student council campaign speech from last year is now up in the verbal intercourse section. This speech was actually two speeches put together on the fly, hence the jump from economic policy to rain forests mid-thought.


I bought Tricky's Maxinquaye CD today. Very cool. It's much more like the Massive Attack era Tricky than any of his newer stuff. Very easy to listen to (as compared to the scratchy-voiced, odd-tempoed Angels with Dirty Faces).

I know... The CD's been out since 1995. I'm a little slow.